02/02 – 06/02

  • February 7, 2015

Thank you

Firstly I would like to thank all the members that I have met during the last month in being so welcoming. I look forward to the season ahead and for those of you I have not met I look forward to doing so.

On the course

The night time temperatures during the week have been consistently below zero and coupled with the bitterly cold north wind, the greens have remained frozen each morning, with a slight thaw on Wednesday afternoon. Once the night time temperatures start to rise above zero the greens will start to thaw from the surface, with this the temporary greens will be in place. Weather permitting this should only be for a short while. The reason why temporary greens are used during this interim thawing period is that the thawing begins on the surface causing the surface and upper profile to be soft whilst the lower green profile remains frozen, foot traffic across the greens in result of this can cause severe root break.


This week has been very productive regarding the woodland scrub clearance around the back of both the 5th and 6th teeing platforms, as well behind the 5th green and to the right of the 7th green. The work undertaken behind the 5th and 6th tees is to allow more light infiltration and air circulation, this will help aid turf recovery and health throughout the season.

The scrub clearance to the right of the 7th green will improve the playability of the hole, the extremely penal bramble bushes have been cleared allowing a slightly wayward shot into the green to be found and more importantly played. The visual aspect of this corner of the course and been greatly improved. Also this week, the bordering hedge row along the 9th and 11th holes has been topped and squared giving a much sharper backdrop to the golf course.

Course notes

Please take extra care whilst playing the course once the thaw sets in, as even slight declines will become dangerous, where possible remain on flat surfaces.

The week ahead

The week ahead will bring, conditions permitting, fairway slit aeration / green and tee solid tine aeration / tee and approach topdressing / continued scrub clearance to the left of the 16th fairway / and all general golf course daily maintenance.

Happy golfing.

Ben Kebby BSc (Hons)
Course Manager

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