16/02 – 20/02

  • February 21, 2015

On the Course

It has been a difficult week with regards to general maintenance due to the heavy rains that have passed our way. However, the solid tine aeration on tees has been completed alongside the first application of topdressing, this will be a monthly process on the teeing platforms during the season with a mind, as always, to improve playing surfaces.

Solid tine aeration across the green surfaces has been started this week, but with the heavy rainfall causing wet conditions both on greens and on the surrounds it was decided to halt the aeration until the course has dried slightly allowing the larger tractor mounted aerator across the greens once more without the risk of causing damage.

All course furniture is in the process of being renovated, so far the team have completed repairing, sanding and wood staining all litter bins throughout the course and this coupled with general course upkeep maintenance such as sprinkler pop up and yardage plate trimming, has increased the general professional feel of the golf course.

A worm suppressant product has been applied to numerous areas across the golf course to discourage the worms from casting which is the number one issue causing increased wear and tear through the winter period. The worm suppressant has most efficacy in mid to late November so the window has been missed this winter, however the worm control has been added to the programme as a priority for November 2015.

Work has started on the 4th yellow tee to clear scrub and undergrowth from around the tee platform, predominantly this work is to improve the visual aspect of the back drop to the tee but it does also have practical implications with respect to increase light and air movement.

The week ahead

If the weather turns in our favour, the solid tine aeration on greens will be able to be completed and then our new sand topdressing can be applied. At present, this will be minimal applications with little to no adverse effect on ball roll, if anything it will have a positive effect in both the short term and most certainly the long term.

The tree and scrub clearance bordering the 4th tee will be finished and the wood clearance to the left of the 12th tee will be started. Bunker renovations are still on going with only a few holes now to complete. Once completed, sand will be added to the newly constructed bunkers on the 12th.

Golf course benches will be renovated with a view to placing them back out on the golf courses within the next two weeks, leaving just the ball washers to collect and renovate.

Happy Golfing

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