23/03 – 27/03

  • March 27, 2015

On the course

This week brought with it some much needed rainfall to help the course through the next two weeks until the irrigation is fully operational. The rainfall brought to life the green, surrounds which have previously had a healthy granular fertiliser applied, it also helped turf recovery on the 17th tee which is now completed. The decision was made to leave the main trench which runs parallel to the teeing platform as soil and seed, allowing any run of from the neighbouring bank to be caught and drain through rather than replacing the thatch laden turf and creating a cap over the newly installed drainage. A granular fertiliser and seed was applied to the entire tee to aid recovery which will be two – three weeks, after this time the tee will be fully back in play and remain dry for ever more. Whilst at the 17th tee, the old 16th drainage line running away from the green which had subsided was filled, levelled and seeded.

As a priority the 11th bunkers were filled with sand this week and are now fully back in play, however there are still one or two small sections of GUR on the surrounding turf. All relief from GUR around the course will be classed as nearest point of relief no nearer the hole. The sand has been compacted to the best of our abilities to make sure playability is at its best but please be aware that the sand is perfectly new and will take a number of weeks to compact fully, to combat the possibility of plugged lies these bunkers will be flat raked during the next month.

A trench has been dug behind the 5th tee as a root pruning trench, I ask you to take a look in the trench whilst it remains open to see the extent of the rooting that encroaches into the tee, this is the main reason that the turf struggles through the year to repair. The trench will remain open until the 10th of April, this is because an irrigation line which was previously installed incorrectly has been hit. The 10th of April is our date for the irrigation system to be primed up and with this it will be possible to make sure all pipe work around the tee is working efficiently, once this has been done the trench can then be back filled, it is essentially to save re-digging the trench if there are any problems with the irrigation pipe lines.

Whist the excavator has been on site, the maintenance compound has been cleared as well as the road way entrance to the driving range, this is an on-going task and will continue through the year with the vision of creating the outside space around the maintenance facility far more efficient and professional. The greenkeepers’ cut through path across the 15th fairway next to the bunkers has been closed and repaired using soil and seed, this will remain GUR until fully repaired.

The week ahead

Next week is our maintenance week which will consist of hollow coring greens and solid tinning approaches, verticutting greens and approaches and a heavy top dress of 50 Tonne to complete the process. If the weather is with us all this operation will be finished on Tues and the remainder of the week will consist of further topdressing and brushing. The greens will be rolled throughout the week so as to create a firm and smooth surface for the bank holiday weekend.

Time permitting, the fairways will be brushed and blown ready for the season ahead. An application of Herbicide to combat the ever increasing broad leaf weeds will be also be applied ‘through the green’.

Happy Golfing.

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