30/03 – 02/04

  • April 2, 2015

On the Course

This week has been a very successful maintenance week. The greens have been hollow cored using 9mm (outside diameter) tines which create a 6mm core. This process was then followed by a double verticut set to 0mm across both greens and approaches. The double verticut cut through all the lateral growth and stood the leaf blade up, the greens and appraoches were then cut directly afterwards to cut off the standing leaf blades, this will create a much truer and denser sward in the future and will be continued throughout the year.

After the greens and approaches were cut the first application of sand was applied, the greens were then drag matted. The following day the greens and approaches were topdressed further to completely back fill all holes and then brushed for a further time and finally rolled to create a smooth playing surface once again. Finally the entire process was finished with an application of granular fertiliser and with the rainfall of last night, has washed the fertiliser and sand in extremely well. The team have done a fantastic job in finishing all works within the two day period and I am extremely happy with how the core aeration has been completed.

However, as you will see this weekend, the greens are looking slightly darkened. This is the result of leaf blade bruising at the tip. This bruising has been caused by the aggressive nature of the maintenance practice that has been undertaken during the week, the bruising will be a combination of the double verticut, heavy topdress and double brushing with an abrasive drag mat. Rest assured that the bruising is entirely superficial and will be slowly cut from the leaf during the next week after the greens are cut and will in no way effect the roll or playability of the greens. There is always a risk of leaf bruising when undertaking aggressive maintenance practices and especially if the greens are not used to such but it is a case of short term visual pain for long term playability gain.

Elsewhere, the course has been set up for the Easter weekend as best as possible with fairways and rough across the course being cut as well as holes changed. I hope you enjoy the Easter weekend and lets hope the weather turns clear.

The week ahead

Next week is a short week once again and will consist mainly of course preparation and continuing with developing the green and approaches back to perfect conditions after the maintenance.

Happy Golfing.

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