13/04 – 17/04

  • April 17, 2015

On the course

Another beautiful week of golfing weather. The course in general has come on well and more specifically the greens. After a verticut and topdress in the early part of the week the green speed suffered as the Bent grass leaves were standing true, but over the course of the week the sward has thickened and the surface tightened along for a cleaner cut and becoming far truer with green speed back to where expected for this time of the year. The tees have also been topdressed.

The irrigation system is fully up and running, therefore the 5th root pruning trench has been backfilled using a plastic membrane to create a root barrier to extend the longevity of the trenches’ efficacy, also the path leading from the 8th tee has now been trimmed back and edged.

A teeing area has been cut into the practice ground to firstly create a far more professional practice facility but to also in the long term give a much better surface to practice from, as this area will be treated in the same programme as the tees. This week the new range tee has been overseeded and heavily topdressed. Markers have been placed on the tee segregating hitting zones for golfers. A club cleaner has also been placed on the range tee for the players’ convenience as with next to the foot cleaner at the club house.

The recently opened tees on 5/6 and 9 have now been cut down to 12mm and are fully open for play. The edges of the tees this season will have one lap cut with a walk behind rotary mower and then into meadow rough, I feel this will create a fantastic back drop to each teeing platform.

Elsewhere on the course, our newly appointed Irrigation Tech is doing well and working through the issues repairing and replacing where necessary. The circle bench behind the 5th green has been bought in and jet washed ready to be primed and stained. All 150 posts have been audited and replaced where necessary.

The week ahead

A further verticut and topdressing will be given to the greens, with the approaches receiving a double pass of both to tighten them up for the season. Bunkers will be fly mowed, strimmed, weeded and de stoned. The 17th tee will be topdressed heavily for the final time before opening once more in the later stages of the week. Continual repair work to the irrigation system is on going. The 9th copse 50 yards in front of the green will be thinned, lifted and strimmed allowing for a fair recovery shot.

Happy Golfing.

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