27/04 – 15/05

  • May 15, 2015

On the course

It has been a busy past month and the weather has been very turbulent but the course is moving forward well and the density of the greens sward is very encouraging. The greens performance has steadily improved in speed consistency over the last month and the trueness/roll has also improved with the continued fortnightly verticutting and topdressing, we are in a very good position going on into the main summer period.

The second maintenance period on Monday 11/05 went extremely well and a further 20 tonnes of sand were applied, greens were back to acceptable standard on Tues morning and by Wed were back to top condition, this will be carried out a further 4 times this season in 6 weekly periods.

Continual divotting and topdressing of tees has increased density and the reduction of height of cut has improved the visual playing perspective. The newly turfed tees on 5/6/9 are all performing fairly well with 9 exceeding expectations. Both 5 and 6 will need continued support in the form of fertilising, topdressing and over seeding through the season, especially the 5th as the teeing platform is struggling with the amount of play.

Our newly appointed irrigation tech is working well and has now repaired both sprinklers on greens 13 and 14, whilst also levelling the greenside sprinkler on 14 where before it was causing a flooded hollow, on going repairs will continue throughout the season to make sure the irrigation system is running to it best and any problems are fixed now before any long dry periods come through.

The maintenance yard is ever steadily improving and plans are in place to finishing clearing the main drive and in the future to install a professional integrated wash down staging area, work clearing around the yard in preparation for this is on going.

We are now well into our general full season prep which consists on daily course prep in all its forms, divotting tees, raking bunkers, cutting fairways, tees, semi rough, greens and approaches, this means that winter construction has ceased, the blog therefore will be on a fortnightly basis up until August unless unforeseen projects or matters that need discussed arise.

The fortnight ahead

During the next month, fortnightly verticutting and topdressing is planned as well as topdressing and over seeding tees. Captains Day is early in June so the course is in a slow build up for this which the course will be at its best. Work on destining and sand refreshing within the greenside bunkers on both 13 and 17 is planned.

Happy Golfing.

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