14/09 – 16/10

  • October 16, 2015

On the course

It has been a busy month. We have had a new staff member join, Mark Honey from The Wisley Golf Club, he takes on the role of Spray Technician whilst also heading up the winter construction programme. We will also be welcoming Richard Haseler from Castle Royal at the beginning of November, he will be taking on the role of Irrigation Technician as well as joining the woodland management team during the winter period.

With regards to the winter construction projects, the 18th Yellow and Red tee has been joined and doubled in size so as to cope with the amount of play during the season. It current is awaiting a new irrigation line to be installed, along with the 17th White tee. The 17th White tee has again been doubled in size and will create a fantastic medal tee for next season. We hope to have both tees completed by the end of October, ready for the start of reconstructing the 3rd hole green side bunkers.

The course itself has been drying extremely well during the week, on from the torrential rain of a week ago, which just by chance came a few days before our yearly STRI visit. However, even with the rains, the course and the greens performed superbly well during testing and have shown fantastic improvement since February.

We have recently taken delivery of a set of Sorrel Roll units which are in essence a smaller version of our solid tine aerator with the difference being that it can be completed in a mornings work with zero disruption and is perfect during the winter to aid rainfall and sand infiltration, thatch degradation and keep surfaces firm.

Our aeration during September went well and was during the cutting and bailing of the meadow rough, it was a busy week but no issues arose from the solid tinning.

Autumn is truly upon us and with such, the leaves have started to fall with alarming rate. Our course check each morning is now predominantly clearing tees and greens of leaves, however with a short space of time they are all covered once more with the falling leaves, it is a battle that will last until December.

The fortnight ahead

It will be another busy fortnight ahead with the construction at both 18 and 17 tees, these areas will be turfed and then retired for the winter ready for the following spring and the new season. Leaf clearance will still be our main daily objective. The woodland management programme will begin next week. Work is ever on-going around the maintenance facility to continually improve the use of space and the vision impression form the exterior.

Happy Golfing.

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