19/10 – 6/11

  • November 6, 2015

On the course

It has been a very productive but difficult few weeks with inclement weather setting in. The final course maintenance went extremely well with greens receiving a solid tine aeration and tees a vertidrain aeration. The fairways and approaches will receive a vertidrain aeration during the follow weeks with an aim to vertidrain both areas twice through the winter period. Greens are continuing to have their weekly sand dressing and sorrel roll aeration and this will continue throughout the entire winter.

The leaves have really started to fall and in fact 50 % dropped at present, this has meant that for the past few weeks it has been a daily battle blowing tees, green, bunkers and approaches due to the falling leaves. I am hopefully that within the next month the leaves will be down and the course will return to looking clean.

The rain of recent weeks has saturated the course and created worn areas across the site and as such winter rope and stakes have been placed out on the course for traffic control as well as health and safety reasons, there will be more rope and stakes added throughout the winter to help control wear and tear and traffic. The better we are going into the winter with regards to traffic control, the better we will be coming out of it ready for the new season.

We have had two new arrivals in this past week, one being a new addition to the staffing team, Richard Haseler joins us from Castle Royal taking on the Irrigation Technician role, and secondly we have taken delivery of our new Jacobsen LF570 Fairway mower which saw its first outing this week and has shown a vast improvement to surfaces.

As for the winter construction projects, the 17th tee has now been levelled with rootzone and is ready for turf, the 18th tee will be ready by next Wednesday and both tees will be complete by Wednesday 18th November. Construction will commence on the 3rd greenside bunkers week commencing 16th November, both bunkers will be out of play and during certain occasions a temporary green in place for health and safety reasons.

The fortnight ahead

The fortnight ahead will consist of bunker improvement for example, strimming, weeding, stone removal, adding or moving sand where necessary. Our woodland management programme is due to begin during the next fortnight.

With regards to the golf course, surfaces will be cut as and when the weather permits and daily course check and leaf clearance will continue.

Happy Golfing.

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