09/11 – 11/12

  • December 11, 2015

On the course

It has been an extremely difficult month with the relentless rain and warm temperatures. It is only now that cutting has slowed, up until this week all playing surfaces outside the roughs were still being cut at twice a week, it is almost unheard of. With the wet conditions, traffic control has been a priority, takes and ropes have been placed across the site to help spread wear and tear and buggy restrictions have been put in place when necessary. All in all with these precautions the course is performing well.

Our winter construction programme is moving along well with the 18th turfed and finished and now the 17th tee ready for finishing turf around the bank. The problematic 16th bunker has been repaired by re-opening the sump and replacing all the existing sand. Work has now also started on the 3rd greenside bunker, shaping has almost finished and the next stage will be to add drainage.

Our woodland management programme has begun with work to many of the copses being complete, the branches are being lifted and any hampered, dead, dying or dangerous trees being removed. To this point the copses on the 1st, 6th, 7th, 10th and 12th have been complete and work has now started on the 9th White tee.

The hedgerow alongside the 9th and 11th has now been cut back and topped and further woodland clearing has been complete along the 12th hole.

The irrigation system has now been decommissioned for the winter by clearing all pipes and pumps of water ready for the colder temperatures so as not risk cracks and breakages. However, these colder temperatures do not seem to be in sight just yet.

Aeration across the site is on-going through the winter, the fairways have been slit aerated this week and greens slit aerated the previous week, this is to aid water infiltration and air movement within the profile. Meadow roughs have also begun to be scarified, however this can only be done in dry or frosty conditions, both of which we have had very little of in the last 8 weeks.

As always the maintenance facility is continuing to be organised and tidied, and the entrance and front of house now almost complete.

The fortnight ahead

The turfing at the 17th tee will be complete and work will continue at the 3rd greenside bunker with an aim to have to drainage and sump complete. Woodland management will continue at the 9th tees. Slitting fairways and walk off areas will be completed and Vertidraining will commence. Scarifying of the meadow rough will hopefully continue, weather permitting.

Happy Golfing.

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