11/12 – 11/01/16

  • January 11, 2016

Happy New Year

Firstly, Happy New Year, I hope it was a great holiday period for you all as it was for my Wife and I.

It has been a difficult month once more on the golf course with the ever present rainfall, the golf course has been at field capacity now since the beginning of Oct and we have had a total o 9 dry days in 15 weeks, as you can imagine this has taken its toll on the golf course. There are a number of traffic pinch points that are struggling but with a daily review of rope and stakes the course in fact has coped well. There are still currently two temporary greens in play at 15 and 16 and these greens have a plan to be drained during the year in preparation for the following winter period. 14 A is still in play and with the two temporary greens, these will most likely be in play for a further month.

With the last dry day last week we were able to cut and topdress greens and approaches and for the that small window the course looked and played extremely well, until the rain cam that evening!

Winter construction work is still moving forward, albeit slowly with the effect of the weather. The left hand side greenside bunker is now ready for a base layer of stone which will then have the liner product applied to it. The temporary mat at the 18th tee has been re-levelled to try and give a fairer stance. A drain has been added to the roadway at the cross over from the 14th green and the 15th tee, to try and help the movement of water away from washing down to the 14th green. There is further work to be done on this road way however it must be dry before work can continue.

The woodland programme has moved forward well with branches being lifted at the copses on the 4th fairway right hand side, 3rd yellow tee and 8th fairway left hand side. Also clearance work has begun behind the 9th white tee to allow for more light and air movement to aid tee recovery during the season and also to improve the ascetics of the 9th tee. Behind the 9th green the large beech tree has had its lower limbs lifted to allow for more light infiltration and air movement to the 9th green without taking away the impact of such a feature tree, also a small pathway has been cleared through the woodland behind the green to allow for easier passage in frosty conditions rather than using the laid path provided. Recently the scrubland behind the 13th tee has been cleared again allow light and air movement but also now creating a small gap so as to view the 13th yellow tee from the clubhouse.

The fortnight ahead

The fortnight ahead brings more rain but also colder weather. Construction on the right hand side bunker at the 3rd hole will begin Wednesday with a view to finishing both by the end of January. The 5th tee steps are our last construction project on the list and this will be start on Monday, we will be moving the mat to the lower level next to the right hand side of the yellow tees, clearing the steps and path in the centre of the teeing and laying to turf allowing for a far larger teeing surface to help cope with the increased play during the season. At any point where there is a period dry weather, we will endeavour to cut the and prep the golf course.

Happy Golfing.

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