11/01/16 – 29/01/16

  • January 29, 2016

On the course

Once again the rain has continued to fall, however the weather did hold for 2 days early this week to allow us to sorrel roll, cut and topdress Greens and Approaches as well as spray Greens with a spoon-feed fertiliser, just in time for the next storm to pass through on Tuesday evening and Wednesday. With this continual rain, it has given us the chance to really push forward with the woodland project, further work lifting trees to the right hand side of 17 green, behind the 1st green and along the 4th fairway have been completed and now the 9th fairway treeline on the right hand side has started. The work on the 9th will make a vast difference to the playability of the hole as well as improving the visual aspect of the hole from the tee.

During last week the weather turned much colder and was consistently below freezing at night which then gave us the opportunity to scarify the meadow roughs once more. I am hoping for a few more days of ground frost before spring begins so as to finish off the scarifying of the meadow roughs ready for the season. This is important has it thins the sward and has a direct impact on the playability of the meadow rough.

The construction work at the 3rd hole greenside bunkers is nearing a close and has an estimated finishing time of mid February. Type 1 stone has been laid and now the bunkers are ready for the liner product which will be installed by no later than Tuesday 8th Feb, once this is installed our team can build the bunker edge and start turfing the areas. Work has started on the 5th teeing ground, the new area for the mat has been marked out at will be constructed on Tuesday 2nd Feb, once this is complete the sleepers will then be removed and turf laid.

There are currently two temporary greens in play, however with a dry period forecast I hope to have both main greens in play very shortly.

The fortnight ahead

The next few weeks will consist of closing up the winter construction projects and repairing all damaged areas, re turfing where necessary and also if the dry spell continues, it will involve cutting all surfaces across the course whilst also topdress and sorrel rolling greens and approaches.

Happy Golfing.

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