4/04/16 – 15/04/16

  • April 15, 2016

On the course

Another nice couple of weeks with the weather feeling like it is slowly turning. The temperature through the day is increasing which is helping soil temperature increase which in turn promotes growth and more importantly, recovery.

Greens have recovered well from aeration which this year was twice as aggressive and twice as much sand applied so the recovery was slightly longer but the benefits moving into the season will be two fold. With the increase in growth due to temperature rises, the bent grass has started to flourish which now means that verticutting and topdressing fortnightly is essential to keep lateral growth under control which will then improve trueness and smoothness on the greens.

All repair work turfing to pinch points and worn areas across the course has now been complete.

New pins, cups and flags have now been placed out onto the course indicating the true start to our season, colour schemes have changed with the pins, we have now pure white javelin pins and aluminium cups. This was chosen to create a far more professional finish and feel and create a clean contrast from the background scenery.

All machinery is having their spring maintenance with grinding of reels, sharpening of blades, greasing, servicing and general repair work so all machines are working to their best order for the best finish possible on the golf course.

The fortnight ahead

Tee markers will be replaced across the course during the next two weeks, whilst all bins and benches will be sanded and stained in situ (weather permitting). The steps will be receiving a renovation as well with fresh stone to be added and sleepers to be stained.

Other than small renovations, general course prep and maintenance will be the main bulk of our workload moving forward.

Happy Golfing.

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