16/05/16 – 15/07/16

  • July 18, 2016

On the course

Firstly, I must apologise for the lack of Blog over the last few weeks, after updating windows on my desk top I seemed to have lost all log in’s and data, but not to worry as we are now back up and running.

Well, what a few weeks it has been, we have played host to BB&O Amateur Championships, the Artisan BB&O Championships, the Artisan Club Championships, England Golf and England Midland South Ladies County Championship, a fantastic run of external competitions which all went superbly well. However the rain did hit us hard for the Ladies Midland South County Championship, but as few great shifts of work from the Maintenance Team kept the competition playing and see it through to the finish.

With reference to the weather, it has been an extremely wet and warm summer so far so the growth we have seen is extreme also. The Meadow rough is far thicker this year because the course grass and weed at the base has not been burnt off from the Summer heat stress leaving it thin and wispy, instead it has been thick and dense, this should change with the onset of this warn dry period. Also the rough has not stopped growing and has recently been growing faster than we can cut it, to give a little perspective, the entire Rough across the 18 holes takes 1 team member 3 full days to cut, so with this current growth rate a plant can double in size in a 24 hr period meaning that the first section of rough cut on the first day will have grown to a point in which it needs to be cut once again, cutting roughs really is a 7 day a week task but unfortunately we have neither the time or staffing level to do so. I hope once again with this warm dry weather that the growth rate will slow.

Turning to the Greens, they have been rolling and running well within our expected performance perimeters, proven from a fantastic STRI report. I am extremely happy with the current position of the Greens performance, however there is a long way to go and a lot more work to do before I see them as perfect. Generally across the course the surfaces have improved from last year, the tees and approaches especially.

We are saying goodbye to one of our Team members once again, this time it is Richard Haseler who joined us in Nov 2015, Richard is moving onwards and upwards to a 1st Assistant Role at Maidenhead Golf Club, we wish him all the best in his move and thank him for the effort and work that he has put in building the team and the course in the short time he has been here at Temple.

The fortnight ahead

We have a big two weeks ahead of us with the Club Championships this coming weekend and then The Oppenheimer Bowl the following Friday. Our maintenance practices and schedules for the next two weeks are specifically designed to run in line with both competitions so the course on those days are at its peak.

Happy Golfing.

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