18/07/16 – 12/08/16

  • August 12, 2016

On the course

It has been an extremely busy month. The Club Championship, The Oppenheimer Bowl and The Invitational have all been and gone and this week has seen our Summer aeration. The course in general has been performing well during all competitions and also with the Summer heat. At present the course has the beautiful golden scorched look from the summer drought and it is at these time Temple is at its best visually.

This aeration week has been very successful, both greens and approaches received a verticut, a heavy topdress and then a 12mm solid tine down to 60mm depth, this is to help filter the thatch below the top 20mm and aid with water percolation. Finally a further sand dressing was applied to the greens and approaches to fully fill all aeration holes. The greens will naturally be playing at 80% of normal playing performance this weekend due to the aeration, however they will be back at 100% performance levels for the following weekend.

During this last week there has also been numerous improvements around the course and clubhouse, the 1st path has been extended down to the Willie Park Jnr tee and then a fan created at the end to give a far better spread of wear and tear during the winter, the 1st path now creates a far more professional feel for the first impressions of Temple. Also, the car park has been re white lined as well as new plant screens added to the rear patio for health and safety purposes whilst also creating a sense of individual space.

The fortnight ahead

The Scratch Championship and the Ladies Open are our two next competition so the next two weeks will be a steady build up to the up and coming competitions.

(For those who wish to re use the rubber matting that was cleared from the first you are more than welcome to take as much away as you wish, they are situated in the Maintenance Facility adjacent to the waste bin.)

Happy Golfing.

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