31/10/16 – 11/11/16

  • November 11, 2016

On the course

It has been another extremely busy yet successful two weeks. The weather is really starting to turn with this week and last seeing a number of heavy frosts, we also experienced a heavy downpour receiving 30mm of rain over night on Monday this week but the course held up extremely well and the rain helped work the remaining sand into the surface.

The bunker construction at holes 5 and 7 are almost set for the bunker liner to be installed, there is a small amount of work left with laying the stone layer and completing the drainage sumps in the two right hand side bunkers at 7. The bunker liner will be installed within the next two weeks which then leads us on to adding the ledge and rootzone and then on to turfing and finishing off.

The 8th woodland work has progressed well and is nearing completion, this will be complete by the end of next week. Already the view has substantially improved, with the left hand side stand alone trees in view from all three teeing platforms and even now the 9th yellow teeing platform is also in view, this will help with stray golf shots and health and saftey.

The 15th Green drainage has now been completed, the work by Profusion has been fantastic and the finishing very professional. This Green will be out of play now until Christmas to let the turf settle and re root. It will be open for play in the new year. In the mean time the temporary green will be in play which utilises the approach.

The end of this week was a big push from the team to clear and collect leaves throughout the course. With the frost, the leaves all dropped within a short space of time which in one manner has made clearing them the more difficult but on the other hand once they are cleared there will be less work clearing the remaining leaves.

The fortnight ahead

The next two weeks are once again full and busy. Next week will see the 16th Green being drained in the same style as the 15th Green, all being well this will be completed by the following weekend.

The 8th woodland will be complete. The bunker construction and 5 and 7 will be complete and ready for the bunker liner. The 16th old tee mat will be replaced with a new mat for this winter until the new 16th winter tee is ready for play. The 10th path will have a new rubber matting installed to improve health and saftey.

We have on hire a fairway tine rake which will lightly scarify the surfaces next week, this will improved density and playability for next season.

Further leaf clearance will be necessary.

Happy Golfing.

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