30/01/17 – 17/02/17

  • February 17, 2017

On the course

It has been a very successful three weeks. Our woodland programme has advanced rapidly and is currently nearing completion. This programme has seen thinning of woodland edges on the 8th Tee and Green, the left hand side of the 9th Fairway and heavily thinning the left hand side of the 14th Fairway, as well as crown lifting numerous copses across the site to enhance light and air movement. At present the woodland programme is concentrating on felling individual trees which are either dead, dying or dangerous, or non native impeding native. The real impact will be when the course starts to bloom in early April and the natural light starts to filter through the new gaps and fall on areas which before it did not.

The greens are performing exceptionally well at the moment for this time of year, they have 100% coverage and the sward density is superb, there is zero disease scarring and minimal pitch marking, Fescue and Bent populations have rose steadily, all in all the greens are in the best possible position moving into spring. Tees, approaches and fairways have now all received a recovery fertiliser and performing well. Colour and definition is moving slowing back into the course.

The bunker detailing has begun and we are working backwards from 18, currently we are detailing the 12th. The work involves re-edging the bunker, moving sand around so it is even all over, strimming the edges, weeding if necessary and finally fully raking.

There are one or two areas throughout the course which will require repair work from wear and tear but as a whole the course has held up extremely well and with the increase in foot traffic.

Slit tine aeration has been complete on fairways and now solid tine aeration has begun. The greens continue to receive a sorrel roll aeration fortnightly and a sand dressing after.

The fortnight ahead

The 16th tee will be complete within the next week and ready for irrigation to be installed and turfed to be laid soon after, this tee however will be out of action until it is required as a winter tee in late Oct later this year. The 15th bunkers will begin to be reconstructed into a Willie Park Jr. gully and banks to add some real character to an otherwise poor area of the course. Aeration will continue on Fairways, as well as the fortnightly sorrel roll aeration and dressing on greens. Bunker detail will continue and will be complete within a week ready for the season ahead.

Happy Golfing.

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