19/06/17 – 11/08/17

  • August 11, 2017

On the course

What a Summer we are having, if it is not burning hot and drought conditions, it is monsoon weather! A prolonged period of drought up until 3 weeks ago created a real running game at Temple which is how I personally enjoy seeing the course play. Unfortunately, the negative aspect of drought is the areas which our irrigation system does not reach, these areas dry out and then turf coverage is lost and therefore conditions compromised. The last 3 weeks have seen a huge amount of rainfall come through, 2″ of which fell in 5 hours in the week leading up to Club Championships. The team put in a huge shift of work the two days after the storm to get the course back playable and then another big prep shift on the Friday before Club Championships. Both the Club Championships and the TAGs Club Championship were a great success and greens performed perfectly.

In the last two weeks the rain has continued to fall, there has been a number of days in which we took the decision not to cut the greens so as not to have any detrimental effects through cutting with increased moisture in the surface, instead the decision was made to roll. The second day after the rainfall both last week and this week, the greens were double cut and look stunning, proof that a little decision to protect the surfaces during inclement weather produces superb surfaces just 2 days after. In fact, the surfaces this season have so far been performing extremely well, especially the Greens, but there is always areas to improve, it is these small improvements which we are looking to make year on year.

The Maintenance team has seen one member leave and another arrive, we say goodbye to Sam Hutchinson who was with us for 4 years who has moved on and outside the industry, and we welcome David Harman who joins us from Camberley Heath Golf Club who held the position of 1st Assistant, David brings with him 14+ years experience at some high end golf courses and we feel that his addition to the team will only help boost the current team and help us move into the next level of quality on the golf course.

The fortnight ahead

Next week brings the August Maintenance, we will be verticutting and coring the Greens and Approaches with 13mm hollow tines and applying in excess of 40 tonne of topdressing. The Tees will receive a 12mm solid tine and heavy topdressing. Two weeks later we will then verticut Greens once again and then inter-seed after. The inter-seeding will be with our new seed and cultivar, we will be using a Colonial Bentgrass, this particular Bentgrass cultivar is fine leaved and has a high tolerance to drought and disease, we hope that the inclusion of this seed mix into the greens will give improved performance year round.

Outside of the Maintenance, all remaining man power will be going into keeping the golf course as crisp and clean as possible going through August and into September.

Happy Golfing.

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