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27/04 – 15/05

On the course It has been a busy past month and the weather has been very turbulent but the course is moving forward well and the density of the greens sward is very encouraging. The greens performance has steadily improved in speed consistency over the last month and the trueness/roll has also improved with the ... More

20/04 – 24/04

On the course Another beautiful week of golfing weather but it looks to be coming to an end, for the next week at least. However, the rain is a welcome arrival which will bring the fairways and tee platforms on well. Natural rain is a far better source of water than golf course irrigation, this is because of a number ... More

13/04 – 17/04

On the course Another beautiful week of golfing weather. The course in general has come on well and more specifically the greens. After a verticut and topdress in the early part of the week the green speed suffered as the Bent grass leaves were standing true, but over the course of the week the sward has thickened and ... More

06/04 – 10/04

On the Course The greens have come on perfectly after the core aeration, the holes have been filled and are now completely recovered. Green speed decreased during the last two weeks from the core aeration, verticutting and topdressing and the increase in growth. The green speed will be back to optimum levels within a ... More

30/03 – 02/04

On the Course This week has been a very successful maintenance week. The greens have been hollow cored using 9mm (outside diameter) tines which create a 6mm core. This process was then followed by a double verticut set to 0mm across both greens and approaches. The double verticut cut through all the lateral growth and ... More

23/03 – 27/03

On the course This week brought with it some much needed rainfall to help the course through the next two weeks until the irrigation is fully operational. The rainfall brought to life the green, surrounds which have previously had a healthy granular fertiliser applied, it also helped turf recovery on the 17th tee which ... More

16/03 – 20/03

On the course Once again the weather has been very kind to us through the week allowing for perfect golfing conditions and also promoting good performance of the greens with little growth and dry conditions. Predominantly this weeks’ focus has been on the 17th yellow teeing platform renovations. This tee has been ... More

The Course

Temple Golf Course is a classic design by Willie Park Junior. From the 1st tee you know there is something special about this course with the Thames Valley spreading out before you.... More

Live Webcam

The live webcam at Temple provides visitors and members the opportunity to see what is happening up at the club and the current conditions. Why not take a look? More


Why not come and join one of the most forward thinking golf clubs that mixes 100 years of history with a modern approach.... More