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16/07/18 – 14/09/18

On the course Well, what a Summer we have had, officially the hottest and driest on record, and it has shown on the course. Whilst it has been fantastic golfing weather, it has been extremely difficult to keep the playing surfaces performing well, moisture management has been key. We are now in recovery and all surfaces ... More

11/06/18 – 13/07/18

On the course Well, what a month we have had. Absolutely no rain has been recorded in our rain gauge for more than 6 weeks now and in reality perhaps more like 8 weeks. The last drought similar to this was back in 1996 and then the previous drought to 1996 was back in 1976, it seems we are on a 20 year cycle. So enjoy ... More

30/04/18 – 08/06/18

On the course Well time really has flown by this past month, it doesn't feel 6 weeks since my last post. A lot has happened in 6 weeks, the weather has decided to skip Spring and move directly into Summer, experiencing 25 degrees or more for a over two weeks, so much so the course started to dry. During these times of ... More

09/04/18 – 27/04/18

On the course - Finally spring has arrived, but perhaps it has left us once again, because as I type this we are experiencing low temperatures and heavy rainfall, which is forecast for the next 3-4 days. However, for the last two weeks the sun has mostly been shinning and we experienced a short heatwave, this has blown ... More

19/03/18 – 06/04/18

On the course Well what can I say, I don't think I have experienced a start to spring like this one, not two weeks ago we have 3" of snow on the ground and now today we are experiencing 15 degrees and sunny. It really has been tough for all golf courses across the country, however, we being a chalk downland have ... More

12/02/18 – 16/03/18

On the course What a difficult month we have had, the weather has ranged from -10 degrees to 4 inches of snow, to +50 mm of rainfall and back up to +12 degrees temperature. The course really is taking a beating, but, staying strong. The greens have full coverage and considering the weather, they are firm and rolling ... More

22/01/18 – 09/02/18

On the course What a fantastic two weeks we have had, a true two weeks of winter with biting cold and hard dry frosts. This cold snap has allowed us to scarify the meadow roughs for a second time, and here's hoping we are able to scarify for a third time as well, meaning the meadows will be even better and far more ... More

08/01/18 – 19/01/18

On the course We have been experiencing some heavy rain, high winds and lowering temperatures, so a normal British winter. The course has been performing extremely well and the greens in particular are rolling well with our hand cutting and turf ironing programme. This week we have topdressed and solid tinned the greens ... More

13/11/17 – 05/01/18

On the course Good morning and a very Happy New Year to all. I hope you have had a fantastic Christmas period and are now raring to get back out on the course and into the new season. As usual we have had an extremely busy winter so far on the course. In the last 6 weeks we have progressed forward with the bunker ... More

30/09/17 – 10/11/17

On the course Doesn't time fly, I did not realise it had been 6 weeks already since our last blog post, the course has indeed kept us busy! We have much happening on the course at the moment as I am sure you have all noticed. Firstly, the 13th bunkers have grown in perfectly and a small layer of sand has been added ... More