23/02 – 27/02

  • February 28, 2015

On the course.

The weather this week has broke slightly allowing some much needed renovations throughout the golf course. The greens solid tine aeration has now been completed with a double pass on the 14th main green which will help rainfall infiltration rates through the top 0-20mm, it is this section of the rootzone which is causing the inherent issues. Having completed the solid tine aeration, the opportunity was taken to topdress all greens and approaches using our new grade topdressing sand, this process will be undertaken weekly throughout the year. The tees also received a second pass of topdressing and are now showing improved recovery and performance as well as general improved visual appearance.

Further scrub and tree clearance was achieved this week, with the 4th yellow tee being completed and back in play and now the 12th white tee having been started. Scrub clearance was also completed along the 17th hedgerow giving a cleaning back drop and also allowing any stray golf balls a better chance of firstly being found, and more importantly, being played.

The large area on the driving range which has been used for turf in the past has now been turfed, creating a much cleaning view from the clubhouse down across the site.

Bunker edge renovations are continuing with only a small number of holes remaining, the clean edge and newly adopted raking style has gone along way in adding to the playability and the improved visual presentation of the golf course.

A granular fertiliser has been applied to the green surrounds and also the worn high traffic areas throughout the golf course, with the increased day time and night time temperatures the opportunity was taken to apply a spring base fertiliser allowing for increased recovery rates in the short term and far better sward density in the long term.

Time this week has also been spent within the maintenance building and main office refitting and reorganising. I believe a tidy and professional maintenance building and main office will have only have a positive effect in building professionalism on the golf course itself.

A small success, the moles on both the 16th tee and 9th tee causing such problems with mole hills, have now been caught. The remaining mole on the 16th green surround is slowly being persuaded into the natural rough.

The week ahead

The greens and approaches will receive a further topdressing application, as will the high traffic areas and the tee platforms. The scrub clearance around 12th tee will be completed leaving just a number of smaller areas to clear ready for the season. All benches and tables will be sanded and stained with a view to putting them back on the golf course within the next two weeks. A plan is being put in place remedy the drainage issue on the 17th yellow tee, this will be then couple with root pruning trench works behind the  5th and 6th tees. This root pruning will help with the recovery and longevity of both the newly laid tees on these holes. Also, the bunker edge renovations will be completed allowing us to turn our sights on to the grass bunkers throughout the golf course.

Attention will now turn to the performance and quality of the approaches with respect to fertility programmes during the next month.

A final note

I would once again like to thank all those I have met during my first month at Temple, the membership has been so welcoming and supportive and for that I am extremely grateful.

Happy Golfing

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