16/03 – 20/03

  • March 20, 2015

On the course

Once again the weather has been very kind to us through the week allowing for perfect golfing conditions and also promoting good performance of the greens with little growth and dry conditions.

Predominantly this weeks’ focus has been on the 17th yellow teeing platform renovations. This tee has been sitting wet for a prolonged period of time and a solution was needed. The solution being to install drainage allowing for an outlet for the sitting water within the surface. Seven lateral drainage lines where trenched across the tee, connecting into a carrier drainage line which runs parallel with the tee and off to the rear, eventually ending in a sump. The sump was dug down until the chalk layer was reached allowing for natural drainage to occur. The perforated drainage pipe has now been installed and the trenches backfilled with stone to 10cm from the surface, leaving just the rootzone and finally the turf to be replaced. This project will be completed on Monday of next week.

The area short of the 11th fairway from the Red teeing platform has been cut out allowing for a shorter carry to the fairway, this will take time and a specific fertility programme over the next few months to establish a dense fairway sward but given time will perform exactly as all other fairways across the course.

All course benches have been renovated and placed back out onto the golf course, there are three final benches on the course which will need renovated in situ, these being behind the 5th green and on both the 10th White and Red teeing platforms, this will be completed during the following two weeks.

I have taken delivery of our new Dynamic thatch away units for our greens triple, these units will be used for the verticutting process during maintenance week and also fortnightly through the season, couple with topdressing, this process will give a vast improvement to the trueness of the green surfaces, they may also be used on teeing platforms to increase density.

Finally, a spring granular fertiliser has been added to all newly turfed areas across the site and these areas are now also maintained within the general fertility programme.

The week ahead

Root pruning trenches will be dug on the 5th and 6th tees and then a membrane placed within to prolong the ingress of roots to the tee.

Strimming of all grass bunkers and swales throughout the course will be finished. Also, as a priority, the 11th bunkers will be filled with sand and opened for play. The turfed areas around the bunkers are still in places GUR.

The ball washers that have been taken in so far will be renovated and then redistributed across the course.

Happy Golfing

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