06/04 – 10/04

  • April 11, 2015

On the Course

The greens have come on perfectly after the core aeration, the holes have been filled and are now completely recovered. Green speed decreased during the last two weeks from the core aeration, verticutting and topdressing and the increase in growth. The green speed will be back to optimum levels within a further week. All in all the core aeration has been a huge success and I thank you for your patience during this time, the long term improvement to green speed and trueness will be quantifiably great.

Fairways have been brushed and blown to stand the leaf blade up and then cut in the opposite direction, a number of fairway edges have been altered to improve landing zones, playability and aesthetics.

With the wonderful week of weather the course has started to grow and out general cutting regime has increased, fairways, tees, approaches and semi rough are all being cut weekly, if not twice a week, at present.

All bunkers have been fly mowed and strimmed, continual wedding in the bunkers is essential and will keep on top of the aggressive broad leaf weeds and Poa Annua which pops up, de stoning is also in the maintenance programme.

The irrigation system has now been primed for the season and barring one or two teething problems is fully operational, however it may be a while before it is actually needed as air temperature and soil temperature is increasing, it is still cold at night. It is the night time temperature which will cause the ingress of dry spot, the cause of this is the closure of the stomata, the stomata are light sensitive for photosynthesis, hence at night the stomata close, the causes transpiration to cease which the plant uses to cool itself and therefore the plant can overheat, causing dry spot.

Elsewhere, the Mechanic’s stock area has been sorted and organised which creates are much more professional set up and increases efficiency and productivity with regards to machinery repairs and servicing.

The irrigation stock area is also in the process of being sorted and organised.

The week ahead

The week ahead will involve verticutting and dusting greens and topdressing tees. The irrigation pipe has been repaired on the 5th tee and with the irrigation system primed up can now be closed up completed. With the new tees at 5/6 and 9 back in play, they will receive a heavy topdressing and then slowly be cut down to 12mm in line with all other tees.
An audit has taken place of all the current bins and ball washers out on the golf course and a decision will now be made to where and how many are needed. The 150 yardage markers will now also be audited and repaired where necessary.

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