20/04 – 24/04

  • April 24, 2015

On the course

Another beautiful week of golfing weather but it looks to be coming to an end, for the next week at least. However, the rain is a welcome arrival which will bring the fairways and tee platforms on well.

Natural rain is a far better source of water than golf course irrigation, this is because of a number of reasons, mainly that golf course irrigation has a far higher salt content than rain water which over time will effect the health of the plant, also naturally, rain water has almost perfect coverage which even the best irrigation system in the world would struggle to give. This rain water will go along way in helping the seeded areas across the site to strike and recover.

The approaches this week have received a verticut and heavy topdressing and also a reduction in height of cut, this process on a fortnightly basis coupled with a strong fertility programme will create a dense, tight sward which architecturally and playability wise better suits the course.

The copse to the left hand side of the second fairway on 9 has been thinned slightly and branches lifted to allow a fair recovery shot out and with a well struck recovery shot, on to the green. The 9th fairway is performing well throughout this dry period with the increase in fertility and irrigation, this now will be rolled out over the 15th fairway.The circle bench behind the 5th green has been bought in a renovated and has now been placed back out but it has been moved to a more suitable tree behind the 7th as the previous tree had outgrown the bench.

Poor areas of wear and tear around greens 11, 3, 7 and 14 have been fertilised and watered to encourage growth and therefore create a fairer lie for a slightly wayward shot, the circle of care in general has extended to 6 meters around the greens.

On the range, target greens have now been cut and flags added to create wider ranging possibilities for short to mid game practice, extra pins and extended practice areas have also been added to the academy green.

Further time has been spent in and around the maintenance facility with servicing machinery and continuing to organise storage. The road way down to the maintenance facility has started to be cut back, this will be a long process but eventually will gain an extra 3 meters of road way making it far easier to pass for delivery trucks.

Work has started on removing stones/chalk from bunkers at 7, this will be an on-going process through the season. Finally steps across the site have started to be renovated, steps on 12 and 16 have been sanded, weeded and wood stained, this will continue over the next week.

The week ahead

Time will be spent improving tee surfaces, specifically the smaller heavily used surfaces, a programme of heavy topdressing and seeding will take place alongside a reduction in height of cut to improve sward density. The greens will be verticut and topdressed, continuing the programme previously outlined to improve ball roll and trueness. Both will be on top of the general daily course preparation which has now intensified with the increase of growth.

Happy golfing

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