1/02/16 – 12/02/16

  • February 12, 2016

On the course

Finally the rain has let up, if only for a couple of days here and there, but with enough drying time to help reduce wear and tear whilst allowing us to perform routine maintenance on greens and approaches.

Last week and this week we have been able to sorrel roll, cut and topdress Greens and Approaches, whilst also being able to apply a spoon-feed fertiliser. Outside of this we were able to cut Tees, Fairways and Green Banks which put character and definition back into the course. Small touches with the likes of strimming ball washers and steps and clearing leaves maintains the neatness across the course.

With a frost yesterday we were able to scarify the dense rough to right hand side of the 17th fairway, this leaves just the 18th bank and 14th right hands side Fairway remaining.

The 5th teeing mat is now complete and all tee markers have been placed here for the time being until we have finished repairing the old steps and re-turfing both the back tee and the centre front teeing area as well as the pinch point at the front of the tees.

The Bunker Blinder has now been installed by Profusion at the 3rd Greenside bunkers, and today the ledge border was installed. I have left two ball retrievers next to each bunker so if during the next few weeks your ball enters the bunker could you please use these ball retrievers provided rather than stepping into the bunker.

With turf arriving next Tuesday there are many areas across the course which are being prepped for re-turfing, these are all GUR and will remain GUR until the turf has established.

The 9th woodland work is nearing completion with an expected further 1 days work.

The fortnight ahead

It will be another busy time during the next two weeks, we are expecting delivery of turf on Tuesday which will be laid to the 3rd bunkers, any remaining turf will be used elsewhere on the smaller repair areas across the course. Once the turf is laid, we will then install the new bunker sand. Lastly on the 3rd hole will be to refurbish the Fairway bunker by rebuilding the bunker edge and replacing the sand with the new grade bunker sand.

Work at the 5th tee will continue with the last remaining steps to be taken out and rootzone used to level this area, the entire site will then be prepped for turf which is expected a week Tuesday. Once this is laid, as with new Tees at 17 and 18, will be ready for play on April 10th.

Woodland work will continue at 9 and also behind 16 Tee before starting on the copse to the right hand side of 15 Fairway.

As with always, I am continually upgrading the Maintenance Compound and protocols which this week has seen a desk, laptop and phone line installed in the Mechanics workshop allowing for a far smoother and easier route to ordering parts and maintaining records.

Happy Golfing.

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