15/02/16 – 11/03/16

  • March 11, 2016

On the course

The last month has been one in which all winter construction projects have been finished and closed. The 3rd greenside bunkers are now complete but will stay GUR until April 10th, the fairway bunker on the other hand is now back in play. The 5th Tee has now been fully complete and along with both the 17th and 18th newly constructed tees, will remain out of play until April 10th. The woodland work is now also coming to a close with work complete to the right hand side of the 18th green and 7th hole in its entirety, as well as the copse behind the 8th green being thinned and crown lifted. Just two areas remain for the woodland work, these being to clear scrub around the back of the 16th Tee’s and finally to crown lift the copse behind the 12th green.

Although it has been a long, wet and mild winter I feel the course has stood up well and all surfaces are in a very good condition moving into the spring. With the on set of spring, course preparations are beginning, with all pinch points across the course are being laid to turf and soil and seeded, granular fertiliser being applied to green surrounds and tee platforms, week areas being topdressed and general conditioning of the course being increased.

The fortnight ahead

A week Monday (21st) our aeration begins, all greens will be placed on temporary greens for the day to allow a fast and smooth operation. Greens will be micro cored to a depth of 20mm and solid tinned to a depth of 125mm using 19mm diameter tines. In excess of 60 tonne of sand will be applied to both greens and approaches. I estimate (weather permitting) the entire aeration process will be complete by the end of play Tuesday (22nd) afternoon. On Tuesday (22nd) main greens will be gradually placed back in play as the team move around the course finishing up the aeration process. All greens will be back in play fully on Wednesday morning.

Outside of our planned aeration, in general the course will begin to take its spring shape with all bunkers being strimmed and edged and all surfaces being regularly cut.

Happy Golfing.

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