14/03/16 – 1/04/16

  • April 1, 2016

On the course

Once again it has been an extremely busy couple of weeks but very successful. The course had dried extremely well and was starting to play as a Spring course should, until Storm Katie came through. 30 mm of Rainfall over 3 days hit the course hard but we are standing well now with a week of dry weather. On Monday 21st Mar was our yearly Spring Maintenance on Greens and Tees, which this year involved a double aeration on Greens, this being a micro core which takes our cores in the top 20 mm of the rootzone, and then a deep vertidrain to increase infiltration and percolation through the rootzone. The Greens and Approaches were heavily topdressed and continue to be top dressed.

The woodland work has now come to a close with the stumps having been ground and cleared and all brash across the course being chipped and cleared. The woodland work during the winter months will have a huge positive effect on the turf quality, playability and visual enjoyment across the course for this season.

All turf across the site has been fertilised and overseeded where necessary to aid spring recovery, there are just one or two more pinch points which are in need of re-turfing and then all recovery work will be complete and the course will be in great shape for the onset of the main season. The Greens and Approaches are now on their full Spring/Summer/Autumn feed pattern.

We have a had a new member of staff join our team, Jake Morries who joins us from Camberley Heath Golf Club where he held the position of 1st Assistant Greenkeeper. Jake has fit in extremely well during his first two weeks and we now have a full compliment of staff for the year ahead.

The fortnight ahead

All ropes and stake will be taken in during the next week, however there will be a few which will remain around specific thin areas and newly laid turf. All course furniture will be revamped, with bins being sanded and stained in situ and cups, pins and flags being changed. All tables and chairs will be placed back out onto the Clubhouse patio and drinks fountains will be open up across the course.

We are now into our full spring day to day maintenance and cutting will become more frequent. Verticutting and topdressing will commence fortnightly and continue through the entirety of the year, as it did last year, until the point at which the weather once again turns.

Happy Golfing.

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