15/08/16 – 02/09/16

  • September 2, 2016

On the course

What a fantastic three weeks of weather and course conditions we have had. The Course has been playing extremely well and greens have been performing well above our target range. This last few weeks have seen a further maintenance work to greens and approaches with a dry verticut and cut on both as well as a sorrel roll to open up surfaces after the brief rain we experienced a week ago, from this the approaches are performing as good as I have seen them in the last two seasons. The Tees have also received maintenance with a 12 mm solid tine and a heavy verticut, Tee surfaces in part are still a week point and in particular 5th White and 14th White,these however over the coming few seasons will continue to slowly improve with planned works on improving light and air movement. The Tee surfaces in general are in stunning condition.

Disease pressure has been high this last two weeks with Fusarium, Anthracnose and Dollar spot being noted on the course, but with our current programme none of which are an issue and have been controlled well.

This week Temple played host to the Ladies Open which had a full field and beautiful weather and conditions which gave a fantastic showcase for the club. Also, this week is the Scratch Championship so all efforts have been made to continue the conditions on from the Ladies Open throughout the weekend.

The team have worked extremely well throughout this season and with being a staff member short and up against inclement weather at times they have produced some stunning surfaces and superb general playing conditions and they will follow this through the coming winter and then step up a further level next year to continue to improve the day to day play.

There has been some small but significant changes and improvements within the Maintenance facility with upgrading the filling systems throughout as well as improving the machinery start check sheets and general machinery service protocol, this may seem small improvements but with marginal gains a direct impact to playing surfaces can be seen.

The fortnight ahead

Christopher Read will be joining our team starting Thursday 8th September, he joins us from a leading Golf Club in Sweden where he held the position of Deputy Course Manager so will be a fantastic addition to our improving team.

We are not long now until our winter construction and course development work begins at the start of Oct, September will see the course continue on as we have seen in August with playing conditions and performance.

Happy Golfing.

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