20/02/17 – 24/03/17

  • March 24, 2017

On the course

Once again it has been an extremely busy period, which has seen a wide variety of weather patterns and temperatures. It finally feels though, that Spring is upon us and with this it has brought a flush of growth across the course, especially the roughs, which received their first cut since late October 2016. Instantly, after the roughs had been cut the course come to life and definition is back across the board. Also seeing growth is the fairways which are having to be cut twice weekly which is just unheard of at this time of year. Also, the green banks have really started to move and now the granular fertiliser has been released the definition between the dark green around the green banks and the pale green colour of the greens themselves is fantastic.

The greens have even received their first verticut of the season which is at least two weeks earlier than usual, but with the increased growth, the bent grass has begun to grow and become thick and leggy so the verticut has reduced this and kept a true roll on the greens.

The construction has all but finished now, with turf having been laid on the new 16th winter tee, this tee will be home to the green WPJ tees throughout the main playing season and then have all sets of tees on throughout the depths of the winter, this will give a fully grassed tee as a winter tee in place of the mat which was used previously. The 15th remodelling of the bunkers and turning them into mounding and a valley to better help stop stray golf balls, is now also nearing completion. You may notice that there are two differing grass species that have been used during turfing, Rye and Fescue. The reason for this is that the Rye grass in the valley and on the playing side of the hole will be maintained at cut rough height and the fescue which has been laid on the mounds and behind the banks will be allowed to grow and maintained as Meadow rough.

The fortnight ahead

Next week will see the first of our 6 weekly maintenance programmes, this programme involving a deep vertidrain and a heavy sand dressing on both greens and approaches as well as a solid tine aeration on the tees, all surfaces will receive a heavy verticut as well.

Sand will also be added to the newly constructed bunkers at holes 5 and 7. Our woodland work programme is now complete for 2016/2017 and all that remains to be complete is the removal of the remaining stumps.

The main season is only just around the corner and I feel Temple Golf Club is in an extremely good position to welcome it.

Happy Golfing.

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