12/08/17 – 25/08/17

  • August 25, 2017

On the course

We have had a very busy two weeks which has included a full Greens, Tees and Approaches aeration maintenance. The Greens were verticut and hollow-cored with 13mm hollow-core tines down to a depth of 40mm and dressed with 30 tonne of topdressing sand. The Tees and Approaches were verticut and solid-tined with 12mm solid-tines and dressed with 10 tonne of topdressing sand. The Greens are currently being cut with our ‘sand blades’, the reason for this is so that the sand will dull the ‘sand blades’ when the greens are cut whilst the sand migrates from the surface canopy down through the hollow-core holes. We use these ‘sand blades’ for two weeks after disruptive maintenance to allow our front line greens mower blades to be sent off and sharpened. The sand has migrated down through the hollow-core holes well enough now that the newly sharpened front line greens mower will be used for the first time this Saturday morning and then on each day forward. Immediately the greens will recover their speed and trueness.

It is a similar process with the Tees and Approaches during the period which the sand migrates down through the solid-tine holes, our newly sharpened blades on Tees and Approaches will be used in the build up to the Scratch Championships.

We have continued to receive a lot of rain fall and this coupled with humid days has resulted in a huge flush of growth with little drying time and therefore without a true dry cut on all surfaces the clinical presentation can suffer. The next week is forecast to be warm and dry, this will help in increasing the quality of cut and therefore sharpen the presentation.

The fortnight ahead

The next two weeks we have the Captains Fun Day which has a full field and we are building up to presenting the course in its usual perfect manner ready for the shot gun. The following weekend we will be setting the course up for those playing in the Scratch Championships and with the weather forecast good we are expecting a fantastic day out on the course.

Happy Golfing.

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