30/09/17 – 10/11/17

  • November 10, 2017

On the course

Doesn’t time fly, I did not realise it had been 6 weeks already since our last blog post, the course has indeed kept us busy!

We have much happening on the course at the moment as I am sure you have all noticed. Firstly, the 13th bunkers have grown in perfectly and a small layer of sand has been added for visual presentation, these bunkers have created a beautiful backdrop to the golf course on arriving to the lower car park and beyond.

The 12th fairway bunkers are progressing well through their rebuild/redesign, the architectural decision behind this remodelling is to create a ‘risk and reward’ hole for the longer hitters and in doing so create a true 3 shot par 5, without of course effecting us mere mortals. Also, from a visual stand point they will be far more pleasing from the tee. We have now begun a similar rebuild at the 1st greenside bunkers, the left hand side in particular will be reduce in size to allow for a larger walk off area at the back of the green, removing the large wear and tare scar currently seen. The right hand side bunker at the 1st will be reshaped and turned slightly to better fit the area and also fit in, style wise, with the other bunkers across the site.

The drain lines on the 17th tee have been lifted, filled and replaced and the tee is now in play. The 5th White, 6th White, 8th White and 17th White tees have now been retired for the year. The 5th and 8th tees will all move onto the artificial mats from Monday 13th Nov and remain there (other than for competitions) until the beginning of spring. This proved to be extremely beneficial for the main tees on these holes going into the new season.

In aeration news, the greens have received their winter deep vertidrain and a further 30 tonne of topdressing sand has been applied, the tees and approaches have also been solid tinned. The Fairways are currently receiving a slit aeration, as will the greens and approaches in the following weeks.

Cutting across the course remains a necessity with the growth continuing well into this winter period. Presentation on the whole is good and all surfaces are performing well and looking strong going deeper into the winter.

One major rebuild has been the practice nets at the clubhouse, these are now complete but remain closed until the tree felling has been completed. These nets look fantastic and are a superb addition to Temple’s facilities. A final touch in spring for the new year will be a beautiful Temple Knight logo painted onto the themselves.

The fortnight ahead

Work will continue on the bunker construction at the 12th ans 1st holes. Further aeration work will be completed to the all surfaces and topdressing will continue throughout the winter to maintain surface trueness and aid in surface firmness.

Post and ropes will continue to be placed out in all high traffic areas to try and reduce wear and tear across the course.

Happy Golfing.

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