08/01/18 – 19/01/18

  • January 19, 2018

On the course

We have been experiencing some heavy rain, high winds and lowering temperatures, so a normal British winter. The course has been performing extremely well and the greens in particular are rolling well with our hand cutting and turf ironing programme. This week we have topdressed and solid tinned the greens and approaches using a 8mm tines and then rolled directly after, this process allows better infiltration of water and aides gas exchange, both of which will continue to maintain surface firmness and smoothness.

Also on the course we have begun our Woodland Work programme, beginning with the 4th woodland edge on the left hand side, the aim of this work is to lift and thin the woodland edge to increase playability and aesthetics, but to also allow light to penetrate further into the woodland and therefore encourage growth within the centre of the woodland. We have also cleared the small copse to the right hand side of the 5th winter mat, allowing for a stunning view from the 2nd Green all the way through to the 5th Tees. We also have had contractors on site felling a dangerous tree at the Maintenance Facility.

The bunker construction work is almost complete at the 1st and 12th holes, the final touches for turf preparation around the edges are being complete ready for the turf to be laid next week. The 10th bunker has now been filled and will also be turfed next week. Removing this bunker will increase the playability and fairness of this extremely difficult par 3, also, visually it will look superb with a 360 degrees approach surrounding the green giving far more playability options which is true to the Willie Park Jr. ethos.

Tees and Fairways were cut this week, they both cut well and are looking fantastic for the time of year, even given the withdrawal of our worm control products. There are a number of tees which we have moved the edges out to gain more teeing surfaces to allow a better spread of wear throughout the season.

All in all the course is playing and presenting very well during this difficult winter period.

The fortnight ahead

Th next two weeks will see the completion of the 12th, 1st and 10th bunkers, further work with the woodland at the 4th and then onto the 5th and 8th. Course protection with post and ropes will be vitally important during the next 10 weeks in preparation for the April opening of the course. Other work will include solid tinning fairways, topdressing greens and approaches, dressing wear and tear areas, granular fertiliser green banks and worn areas, and a number of smaller jobs besides.

Happy Golfing.

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