01/01/19 – 01/05/19

  • May 2, 2019

On the course

What a strange year we are having already with respect to the weather, A very wet mild end to the winter throughout February and then straight into an extremely warm and DRY spring. The dry spring has meant the overseeding establishment has been slow but has also meant the meadow roughs are thin. The course in general throughout is in the best condition I have seen it going into May, the extensive work on Greens Tees and Approaches has meant the surfaces are superb. There are many new ‘run offs’ around greens this year which should make approach shots and pin position slightly more difficult and means the golfer must think a little more about ball placement on greens when playing into pin positions.

All new bunkers are open and are playing extremely well, the 14th in particular has vastly improved the visual appeal of the green complex and changed the playing characteristics of the hole itself. The 2nd fairway bunkers will now give the longer hitting something more to think about when driving from the tees with the 2nd bunker position in the perfect average driving distance for the longer hitters, whilst giving the shorter hitters a fairer landing zone.

Woodland work has been a huge success this season and will pay dividends going into the season with improved vistas, improved playability and reduce leaf litter which will help us through Autumn from a maintenance point of view.

The fortnight ahead

We are now fully into our summer regime and summer cutting schedule, so the season is upon us and daily prep of the course is our main concern. We will of course endeavour to maintain consistent playing standards hole to hole and day to day.

Happy Golfing.

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