Oct 2020

  • November 2, 2020

On the course

October has been one of the wettest months I have experienced in my career, we have had 200mm of rain, or 8 inches! This is an incredible amount of rain, and as I write it is till coming down. However, the course has survived and is playing well. The surfaces are performing very well and all reconstructed bunkers have taken the rain with little to no damage. The old bunker which have yet been reconstructed are contaminated, flood and prone to sand washing from the faces.

This month the greens, tees and approaches have been aerated with 12mm solid tines down to a depth of 125mm. 20 tonne of sand dressing has been applied to greens and brushed (or rained!) in. The greens are in a very healthy position moving into the difficult month of November which with it brings extremely high disease pressure. The fairways have been vertidrained with 19mm tines down to 125mm, this is to strengthen the sward throughout the winter, improved drainage of the surface and the increase root depth during spring and summer.

The winter work has been progressing well, this month we re-turfed the perpetual path issue at the 9th greenside. The 13th green has also had a large drainage sump dug at the back of the green to help remove the puddle which sits after heavy rainfall. The 13th hut has now been removed, it was deemed a health and safety hazard as was the concrete base, which will be removed soon.

Happy Golfing