Independent Freight Agent Agreement

  • April 10, 2021

Freight All Kinds, Inc. was founded in 1983 in Denver, CO, and is a trucking company and freight broker. With more than 35 years of operation, we employ more than 50 people in our offices in Denver, Buffalo NY and Longview TX. We are also represented by more than 50 remote agents in the United States. Our national growth continues around an influx of motivated and determined people, for whom success is the only option. As a Family-owned Company and Certified Woman-Owned Business (WBE), FAK offers a full range of transportation services while offering a personalized approach to meet the logistical needs of our customers. Freight All Kinds is totally debt-free and receives top-level ratings from both The Blue Book and Red Book Credit Services to assure our customers, carriers and agents that they are working with an organization that prides themselves on their ethics, financial ability and credit practices. Under the confidence of Fortune 500 companies, authorities, manufacturers and distributors, FAK enjoys a good reputation in the sector and will continue to grow in terms of reputation and market share. Relevant experience and/or skills: freight broker, freight agent, freight distribution, truck-broker, logistics account manager, 3PL, transportation, truck shipment, truck sales, tariff negotiation, customer relations, business development, cold calling, carrier relationships. As an independent freight agent, your primary task will be to establish long-term relationships with contract carriers and carriers and to organize transportation services. You are responsible for purchasing contractual media, negotiating fares, quickly and efficiently resolving freight and solving problems. Their ability to find innovative solutions, negotiate agreements and meet daily challenges means financial freedom and a life lived. With your knowledge and experience in the transportation intermediation industry, and our TMS technology and business office support, you are on the road to independence and financial security.

Join team Kopf and we`ll help you grow your business. We are a relational company that focuses on the success of our independent freight agents. Our management team is supportive and accessible and works diligently to help you succeed and give you the attention your business deserves.