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  • April 10, 2021

Employers can have strategies and procedures in place to manage and prevent drug and alcohol risks in the workplace. They may also apply pre-employment tests when employing workers in safety-sensitive workplaces, or when they require workers to perform alcohol or drug tests if this is part of the worker`s employment contract. Talk to your employer if you think you need more training in every aspect of your job. If you don`t have enough information or training to do a job safely, talk to your employer or supervisor immediately. The “Rent and You” guide (available in different languages) contains information about leases and legal requirements, including things your landlord must provide, such as insulation and smoke detectors. Your employer must provide you with a written employment contract in which you indicate your working time, payments, leave due to you and all other conditions that you and your employer have agreed to. 1. Make sure staff are eligible for CET-funded training. In order to benefit from training assistance in the industry, it is necessary to employ apprentices and to actively progress through a training programme. If you have a temporary work visa, you must be paid at least 30 hours per week and this must be included in your employment contract. All workers are entitled to a minimum of 5 sick days per year after being employed by the same employer for 6 months. Check your employment contract to find out what you are entitled to.

A training contract is a legal document signed by the employer, a primary ITO and an intern. With the signing of the agreement: 2. Agree on staff training requirements in the form of a training plan. A training agreement should be put on hold when a worker is not actively training, but intends to resume his training program at a later date. This may include situations such as: the following table presents the minimum rights for bereavement leave. Check your employment contract to find out exactly what you are entitled to, that you are entitled to a copy of the signed contract. If your employer does not provide you with a copy, ask for a copy. Keep the signed copy in a safe place in case of disagreement. Before you sign your agreement, read it, and make sure you understand it.