When Adults Disagree Guidelines For Dealing With Disagreements In Scouting

  • April 15, 2021

The Baden-Powell Service Association (BPSA) is a traditional and inclusive scouting organization in the United States, named after the founder of the Scout movement, Robert Baden-Powell. [142] The VISION of the BPSA states that “BPSA welcomes everyone, regardless of race, gender identity, sexual orientation, class, competence, religion (or any religion) or other distinctive factors. Our mission is to create a positive learning environment in the context of democratic participation and social justice. We encourage the development of Scouts in an environment of mutual respect and cooperation. [143] BPSA is a member of the World Federation of Independent Scouts (WFIS). [144] Some troops have ignored the ban for years. Every year, when it comes time to renew their charter, the troops simply promise to stick to the Scout policy. [124] In the 1980s and 1990s, several people attracted media attention by taking legal action against the BSA and trying to get them to accept atheists as members and openly gay people in leadership positions. At Sea Scouting, young people were always told: “… It`s your ship and your program, you plan and you execute it. You`re in charge. Tell us if we can help, but this is your show.

We`re on our way to the trip. Seems to work very well, and young people recruit their friends to join them when they have fun and are proud of their accomplishments…. That`s what it`s all about…. At a time when the BSA had restrictive politics and debates about homosexuals around it, there were expressions of support and resistance. The support responses were from the BSA in general, the policies concerned and the BSA`s right to define such policies. In general, resistance was directed against the policy in question. In 2005, Hans Zeiger, 19, Eagle Scout, wrote a book called Get Off My Honor: The Assault on the Boy Scouts of America. In an interview with The Washington Times, he said that “the honor of Scouts in American culture is under attack.” Zeiger praised the BSA`s courage in resisting political pressure: “Despite what leads to homosexuality, it is something that has an agenda in our society and does a lot of harm to the traditional family and causes enormous harm to young men. Scouts are one of the few organizations with a moral sense to oppose the homosexual agenda. [87] In reciting the Scout oath, Scouts promise to fulfill their duty to God and to be morally straight; The Scout Act says that a Scout is clean and anxic. As early as 1978, the Boy Scouts of America issued a memorandum to national executive staff that said it was not appropriate for homosexuals to hold leadership positions within the BSA. [11] Similarly, since at least 1985, the BSA has interpreted the loss of Scouts and the law as incompatible with agnostics and atheism.

[12] In both cases, the organization stated that it was not a new policy to oppose atheism, agnosticism and homosexuality, but that it was merely the implementation of a long-term policy that had never been published or publicly questioned. [11] [13] On May 23, 2013, the 1,400 voting members of the National Council of the Boy Scouts of America voted to lift the ban on openly gay people in Scouts from 61 to 38 percent. Openly gay boys will be able to become Scouts from January 2014, but openly gay adults were still not allowed to lead. [76] [77] n. When reviewing a suspension and the recommendation that follows, those responsible must follow a procedure similar to that of the appointment of adults and the same considerations as the individual`s ability to perform a certain role, i.e.: