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Oct 2020

On the course October has been one of the wettest months I have experienced in my career, we have had 200mm of rain, or 8 inches! This is an incredible amount of rain, and as I write it is till coming down. However, the course has survived and is playing well. The surfaces are performing very well and all reconstructed ... More

Sep 2020

On the course What a year it has been! 2019 ended with 3 months of rain and unseasonably high temperatures causing some of the highest disease pressure I have ever experienced, the rain and warmth ran through until February, just in time for the Covid19 to take the reins! In fact, if we turn back time a little, not ... More

26/08/19 – 25/10/19

On the course Wow how time flies, it has been two months since my last post and what a busy two months we have had. For the last month it has been wet and warm and we have seen some extreme disease pressure on greens and tees but with a strong IPM programme we are able to manage this pressure well. In fact in 3 weeks ... More

05/08/19 – 23/08/19

On the course All is very well on the course, the aeration of just over two weeks ago went extremely well. The Greens received a double aeration of 12mm hollow cores and 19mm solid tines and a total amount of just short of 60 tonne of sand was applied. The Tees were also hollow cored with 12mm tines and the Approaches ... More

22/06/19 – 02/08/19

On the course Another fantastic Summer is hitting the UK, which has seen the highest ever recorded temperature of 37 C, is this a sign of what is to come, will golf courses have to deal with this kind of heat stress over the next few years? In the last 4 weeks we have used our fairway irrigator on the fairways which ... More

21/05/19 – 21/06/19

On the course What a different month we have had since the last post. The last week of May was beautiful and then the rain came and it has been almost torrential now for two weeks. However, this rain has been very much welcome, the grass growth and recovery is fantastic for all surfaces apart form the greens. The fast ... More

02/05/19 – 20/05/19

On the course Another glorious month of weather, albeit a little cold at night. Night time temperatures are staying a little low for full growth meaning recovery is slower than expected on fairways but day by day we are seeing good recovering.  Aeration last week went very well, a simple 12mm solid tine down to ... More

01/01/19 – 01/05/19

On the course What a strange year we are having already with respect to the weather, A very wet mild end to the winter throughout February and then straight into an extremely warm and DRY spring. The dry spring has meant the overseeding establishment has been slow but has also meant the meadow roughs are thin. The ... More

03/12/18 – 24/12/18

On the course Christmas is here but perhaps it does not feel as Christmassy as one would hope. The work continues on the course with the 3rd bunker repair being finished and the turfing around the 8th mat also complete. The 8th red tee has now been fully stripped and currently new irrigation is being installed to give a ... More

17/09/18 – 30/11/18

On the course Wow, how time fly's when one is busy. October and November have now come and gone and there has been a huge amount of work achieved on the course with a lot of great steps forward ready for the new season in 2019. October saw the beginning of our winter construction projects, with the first project ... More