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26/08/17 – 29/09/17

On the course Firstly, I have to mention the relentless rainfall we have, and are currently experiencing, this weather really in unprecedented and calling upon all our skill to prepare and present the golf course to the current standard. The maintenance team are really doing a sterling job in ensuring the golf course ... More

12/08/17 – 25/08/17

On the course We have had a very busy two weeks which has included a full Greens, Tees and Approaches aeration maintenance. The Greens were verticut and hollow-cored with 13mm hollow-core tines down to a depth of 40mm and dressed with 30 tonne of topdressing sand. The Tees and Approaches were verticut and solid-tined ... More

19/06/17 – 11/08/17

On the course What a Summer we are having, if it is not burning hot and drought conditions, it is monsoon weather! A prolonged period of drought up until 3 weeks ago created a real running game at Temple which is how I personally enjoy seeing the course play. Unfortunately, the negative aspect of drought is the areas ... More

24/04/17 – 16/06/17

On the course It has been a number of weeks since my last blog entry and a successful few weeks also. The greens have been consistently hitting our target green speed and performance levels were all in target range from the STRI, currently the greens are playing as consistent as I have ever seen them and the full STRI ... More

27/03/17 – 21/04/17

On the course What an unseasonably warm and dry spring we are having, but on top of the warm day time temperatures we are still experiencing very low night time temperatures which means that growth is minimal. It was fortunate this year that our irrigation system was primed up early, firstly because there was a number ... More

20/02/17 – 24/03/17

On the course Once again it has been an extremely busy period, which has seen a wide variety of weather patterns and temperatures. It finally feels though, that Spring is upon us and with this it has brought a flush of growth across the course, especially the roughs, which received their first cut since late October ... More

30/01/17 – 17/02/17

On the course It has been a very successful three weeks. Our woodland programme has advanced rapidly and is currently nearing completion. This programme has seen thinning of woodland edges on the 8th Tee and Green, the left hand side of the 9th Fairway and heavily thinning the left hand side of the 14th Fairway, as well ... More

14/11/16 – 27/01/17

On the course It has been a long but successful Winter period to date, with many course improvements ongoing and/or completed. Firstly, it has been a number of weeks since my last blog post so to recap on the past 2 months, we have now completed the bunker reconstruction at holes 5 and 7, the bunkers will remain GUR ... More

31/10/16 – 11/11/16

On the course It has been another extremely busy yet successful two weeks. The weather is really starting to turn with this week and last seeing a number of heavy frosts, we also experienced a heavy downpour receiving 30mm of rain over night on Monday this week but the course held up extremely well and the rain helped ... More

26/09/16 – 28/10/16

On the course It has been an extremely busy month both in Course preparation for tournaments and with the beginning of our Winter Course Improvement projects. Temple played host once again to the TP Tour on the 10th Oct and the team work above and beyond to produce what was classed by many as the best conditions the ... More