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11/12 – 11/01/16

Happy New Year Firstly, Happy New Year, I hope it was a great holiday period for you all as it was for my Wife and I. It has been a difficult month once more on the golf course with the ever present rainfall, the golf course has been at field capacity now since the beginning of Oct and we have had a total o 9 dry ... More

09/11 – 11/12

On the course It has been an extremely difficult month with the relentless rain and warm temperatures. It is only now that cutting has slowed, up until this week all playing surfaces outside the roughs were still being cut at twice a week, it is almost unheard of. With the wet conditions, traffic control has been a ... More

19/10 – 6/11

On the course It has been a very productive but difficult few weeks with inclement weather setting in. The final course maintenance went extremely well with greens receiving a solid tine aeration and tees a vertidrain aeration. The fairways and approaches will receive a vertidrain aeration during the follow weeks with ... More

14/09 – 16/10

On the course It has been a busy month. We have had a new staff member join, Mark Honey from The Wisley Golf Club, he takes on the role of Spray Technician whilst also heading up the winter construction programme. We will also be welcoming Richard Haseler from Castle Royal at the beginning of November, he will be taking ... More

03/07 – 11/09

On the course It has been a long wonderful summer marred by a good couple of weeks of heavy rain not so long ago. The course has held up well to Captains Day, Club Championships both Net and Scratch, Pairs Invitational, The Oppenheimer Bowl and to top of a big summer of Tournaments, The TP Tour, which was a great ... More

15/06 – 03/07

On the course The past few weeks have been difficult for us in the Course Maintenance department but wonderful for play. The drought has bought with it issues with the irrigation system which unfortunately only presents itself when there is a prolonged period of drought. Our Irrigation Technician has been working ... More

18/05 – 05/06

On the course It has been a good three weeks on the course with the greens developing and moving into the main summer playing period perfectly. We have reached our green speed sweet spot and it is now far easier to maintain this speed on a daily basis as the continual verticutting and topdressing has cut 90% of all Bent ... More